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Bunny: Cry
When Krystine moved out in October, she took with her the cat who had become hers by virtue of the fact that the other cats were picking on her to a point where she would actually pee herself when cornered . Since Krystine's room was in the basement where the other cats couldn't go, it made the perfect haven for a bullied kitten. It does get better! ;c)

A month or so ago, Missy was diagnosed with a tumor on her tongue. As it goes, the surgery to remove it is prohibitively expensive and not guaranteed to actually improve her quality of life so we had a discussion about what happens next. Krystine agreed that Missy would likely need to be putdown but needed to sleep on it . Then Missy started showing improvement so we were hopeful.

The hope has run out. :c(
About a week ago she stopped eating again so Krystine made the responsible (and very difficult) decision to euthanize her. They are at the clinic now.

Not a happy day.

Is this thing on?
Me: Pollack Lyss
Yes, yes... another "gawrsh, it's been forever!" post with promises to possibly post more. Thing is, I might actually do it this time even if no one is left 'round these parts. I've been doing writing in a private journal lately in an effort to exorcise some demons but I find it isn't quite as fulfilling when I know no one is seeing it. Does that make me an attention whore? :cP

There's been a lot going on, and yet somehow not a lot all at the same time. I don't even know where I would begin to catch this journal up so I think I'm going to just go along and post as if things are known, maybe explain a little along the way.

Though I guess a small bit of catch up is in order so here are some of the key changes or reminders of my life:
  • I'm a 37 year old stay-at-home mommy to homeschooled 11-year-old Liam who is on the autism spectrum. 
  • Krystine, also known as stepgirl, turns 21 in a month and a half.
  • Been married 12 years to a man who spoils me rotten.
  • We have an open marriage but I try to keep posts about that filtered for those uncomfortable with it. 
  • I (like half the country it seems) live with generalized and social anxiety disorder as well as depression.
  • The previous item was fairly successfully self-controlled until my mommy passed five years ago and now it is less successfully controlled with the help of Zoloft and the occasional Xanax. 
  • My husband lost all of his family over the course of a year about a year ago.
  • My grandma finally let go and passed (a blessing, truly) end of November which leaves the house we live in up in the air for now. We will likely lose it. 
That's all the major stuff, I think. As it goes with life, some good, some bad. 

Would love to see who is still out there so drop me a comment so we can cyberhug each others' brains out!

Never too early?
Me: Pollack Lyss
We have an early contender for Creeper of the Month!

"I'm kinda interested in you, send me a pic of your tits to seal the deal"

And I am rolling on the floor with laughter.
Also, because his profile (and the fact that his username includes the word Hero!) is equally hilarious:

Edited to add:
I replied to him:

"Ha! Thanks for the laugh!"
And he wrote back:

"no problem, guess i'll take that as a no, to bad your loss"
What a winner! You'll have to fight me for him, Marian!

Me: Pollack Lyss
I've started at least six posts over the past month or two, and yet completed none. 

Stuff that has happened... dad is feeling better.  His dog is pregnant and I want a puppy.  It would be the great-grandpuppy of the doggie I grew up with!  But Jim is very much against a puppy. As are the cats.

I finally am a Radio KoL DJ.  Something I'm sure no one remembers me going on about because it has been YEARS since I attempted to become one.  I had even stopped playing the game almost completely. Then I happened to log on one night and the the DJ who was told me to apply. So I did. And somehow I got it.  
I'd forgotten how much fun DJing can be.  

Other than that, not a whole lot of excitement. And I'm all about that. The peace is nice.

Jim's been working a lot of overtime which has its good and its bad points.  At least he is not in San Diego!

Creeper of the Month...
Me: Pollack Lyss
Pseudo-Dom: If I choose to dominate you, you must answer many questions first. Are you up for that?

Me: I am up for questions but not this attitude of "if I choose to dominate you". How about if *I* choose to allow you to dominate me, I'll answer your questions.
Sorry, but this girl is not the doormat you seem to be seeking.

Pseudo-Dom: I have not said anything whatsoever about your decisions. Your anger is not with me.

I'll do some research, but presently I don't think I know anything at all about seeking, or about dominating, a doormat.

I make my own decisions, for myself. I like to think everyone should. It works for me, but your mileage may vary.

I'm glad you're up for the questions.

How many questions can you handle at one time without overloading?

Me: And I did not say anything about anger. You presume far too much.
I also didn't say I was up for your questions.
While you are doing that research, please work a bit on your reading comprehension.

... And blocked.

Had he been one of those poor, illiterate souls I often run into, I likely wouldn't have felt the need to correct him.  This guy obviously has a good grasp on the language.  He clearly was attempting to fake Dom right from the beginning with his choice of words. Or maybe he was feeling me out to see if my self-esteem was low enough that I would respond to his attempt to imply that I MAY be worthy of him.  Either way, I said buh-bye.



Creepy McCreeperson of the week...
Me: Pollack Lyss
I wanna lick your lady holes

Lady holes?
That's the best euphemism you can come up with?
At least he can spell basic words unlike most of the creepers.

Well.... crap....
Me: Pollack Lyss
Or no crap, as the case may be.
My dad has an intestinal blockage. This is not the first time but, obviously, this is not a good thing. He was just admitted and they are still working out the hows and whys.

We may not exactly be on the best of terms these days but I certainly don't want anything horrible to happen to him. Please give him a little spot in your happy thoughts for today that everything comes out ok. So to speak.

Bunny: Cry
I am so angry and sad and frustrated and feels like about every other negative emotion right now. And not really for any good reason.

Today was supposed to be Jim's last day of work in San Diego and he would leave tomorrow morning to come home. But no. This morning they tell him he has been extended until the 22nd. Not only is he there longer but he will barely make it home in time for Christmas.

I know that I should be grateful that he will, and I know that I shouldn't be surprised because they love to pull this kind of shit so it isn't really much of a surprise and it isn't that much longer. It is just that I was so excited to see him this weekend so to have that happiness crushed at the last second... there aren't even words. But there are certainly tears.

I am sure I'll be better in a few hours but for now, I'm a blubbering baby.

Me: Pollack Lyss
It has been below freezing the past couple of days and our furnace isn't working properly! It is putting out heat, just not as much as it should. I'm too much of a scared-y cat to mess with it myself and can't afford a service call until Friday so we're just bundling up and thanking the powers that be for space heaters. ;c)

One week!
Me: Pollack Lyss
Jim has been in San Diego since October but in one week, he'll be home!
Things are still up in the air about how he is getting home and thus when he'll be back but he will definitely be back by this time next week barring any major difficulties. *knock wood*

He did have plans to ride with a friend who was coming back on the same day but now that guy is going to be there until May. It sucks that he may have to take the train (it takes longer than driving) but at least he isn't the one who had to stay! If the trade off for him being home a day or two later is not having to be there another six months, I will take it!


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